Beats and Blocks Map

Beats and Blocks Map

Published on June 23, 2024
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Beats and Blocks Map Beats and Blocks Map Beats and Blocks Map


Beats and Blocks is an exciting musical mini-game map for Minecraft BE, offering 5 energetic and captivating tracks. Test your rhythm skills and quick reflexes, as each note requires a precise pickaxe strike. Your goal is to achieve the highest score by breaking blocks in time with the music. Feel like a true virtuoso, synchronizing your actions with the rhythm and immersing yourself in the unique musical atmosphere.

Beats and Blocks Map Features

This map resembles the famous game Beat Saber but with a distinctive Minecraft charm. Elevate your reflexes to a new level by showcasing your skills in this high-quality musical mini-game. Play solo or compete with friends to see who has the best rhythm.

Beats and Blocks is the perfect blend of music and gameplay, offering hours of enjoyment and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the rhythm of Minecraft. Developers promise to regularly add new songs, and you won't need to reload the map to get these updates.

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