Eco City

Eco City

Published on November 16, 2022
By admin
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Eco City Eco City Eco City Eco City Eco City Eco City


This is a map called Eco City, a new modern city project by Wilzon, the creator of Skyscraper City.

Eco City is a modern city, that experiments with how we can make cities more sustainable as well as more desirable places to live. This update features many new buildings. New features include luxury supertall apartment buildings, a hotel, a large train station, an outdoor market, and so much more. This map looks great at day and at night, and is great for roleplay, or just exploring.

It's recommended that render distance is turned up to the maximum, because of how large scale some of the buildings are. Also, I recommend that you keep clouds off because otherwise they'll go through some of the taller buildings.

Note that the photos attached use a custom shader/ray-tracing pack of mine alongside the Vanilla Raytraced pack.

Here's a tour of the city
Eco City with RTX - YouTube

Hope y'all enjoy and I hope to update again soon
Download: Eco City Maps for Minecraft PE
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