FIFA Football Minigame

FIFA Football Minigame

Published on January 2, 2023
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FIFA Football Minigame FIFA Football Minigame FIFA Football Minigame FIFA Football Minigame FIFA Football Minigame FIFA Football Minigame


I (Nogard) in cooperation with Karlos Game CZ have already created 5 sports minigames: Ice Hockey (Addon) [Minigame], Ping Pong [Minigame], Floorball [Minigame], Futsal [Minigame], and Ice Hockey Minigame V2. But to this day we’re still missing one very popular sport from the series, of course, football/soccer. And when else to release this minigame than on the occasion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup? ????
Creators: Nogard (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook), Karlos Game CZ (Twitter).

The map contains 2 stadium variants, so 2 matches can be played at the same time. Both stadiums have an opening roof along with other enhancements. The larger stadium has a fully functional automatic in-map scoreboard system. They are decorated with the national flags of the qualified teams and special posters to promote the creators.

The transition between stadiums is decorated with a fountain and a parking lot. In the parking lot you will find the newest version of the Mech Car Addon and yet unreleased Mech Van Addon. The Mech Van is in a very special variant – TV Van (television broadcast van).

The Mech TV Van has in total 3 sitting positions. 2 being in the front and the 3rd one in the back of the van – where the studio gear is. The van is fully animated - wheels (while driving and turning), steering wheel, dashboard dials, and smoke particles. The same goes for the Mech Car (2 seats). Also, speed and other properties have been changed to make them more controllable. Both can be removed with 2 hits when sneaking with your bare hand (you can remove them in one hit with the sword - Football boots). They’ll drop the corresponding spawn items (eggs) to retrieve them. Engine and damage sounds are now also present. Thanks to Marty for the satellite design idea.

There's a lot more that hasn't been talked about yet, imagine a time and weather machine, walls opening with redstone and command blocks, goal effects and sounds, team changing rooms, a bar, a museum, a maze, a tv studio, a doctor and staff rooms, even a bowling alley and translations into English (US and GB), Czech and Slovak. This and much more can be found in this map. Enjoy! We will be glad for any tips and ideas for the future. This release was really rushed, so we apologize for the mistakes we left in, hopefully they will be fixed soon.
Thank you for playing.

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