ManHunt Addon

ManHunt Addon

Published on November 24, 2022
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ManHunt Addon ManHunt Addon


Welcome to the best and most complete Bedrock Manhunt Addon! A maximum of 2 Speedrunners aim to kill the Ender Dragon whilst a maximum of 3 Hunters try to stop them from beating Minecraft. 

This Addon will include:

- Compass to track the Runner(s)
- Track the Runner(s) in the Nether
- Set Hunter(s') spawn point by standing on beds
- Many Advancements

Runner tracker

The compass will track the Runner, and switch its tracking target every 10 seconds to the other Runner if there are 2 Runners.

As the compass fails to work in the Nether, we have instead implemented a system where the Runner(s') coordinates are displayed every 10 seconds in the chat, given that both the Runner(s)' and at least one of the Hunters are in the Nether.

#### [Spawnpoints (Hunter)]

DO NOT SLEEP IN THE BED!!! Instead, to set your spawn point, stand on the bed for at least one second! (Do not stand on the edge) 

 ### Start

- Go to file explorer and click the ManhuntB.mcpack file
- Create a new world - change default player permissions to operator, enable cheats, go to Behaviour Packs and activate Man Hunt Pack, and turn spectator mode on in Experiments.
- Once you are in the game, do /function start
- Go to the settings area and select your role
- Set custom world spawn using the diamond block - (default is at 0,0)
- Go back to lobby and click the start button to start your manhunt!

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