Mine & Commands

Mine & Commands

Published on February 14, 2023
By admin
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Mine & Commands Mine & Commands Mine & Commands Mine & Commands


Just a little project I'm currently working on. It has a leveling system, new mobs, random mob spawning, random world generation, and more.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use /kill @e and use /kill @e[type=!armor_stand] instead otherwise the map stops working. Wanna see more? Leave feedback!

You are gonna spawn in a level. Kill all mobs and step on the shroom light to get to a new randomly generated level. There are 2 map templates so far.

You get levels by killing any mobs. If you have collected enough xp, you'll be teleported into a room where you can choose an upgrade.

List of mobs: Lightning Wizard, Mossy Zombie, Mossy Skeleton, Scorpion, Snake, Magma Zombie, Fire Leech

Some of them have custom drops.

When you die you lose all of your items but you can put them into a chest. All items that are dropped far away from you are gonna be teleported there so don't wonder if it seems like an item wouldn't drop.

Picture of the Player's "house" and lvl up system

Download: Mine & Commands Maps for Minecraft PE
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