Only Elytra

Only Elytra

Published on November 21, 2022
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Only Elytra Only Elytra Only Elytra Only Elytra Only Elytra Only Elytra


ONLY ELYTRA is a free flight map, it soars the skies through gigantic scenarios, with its 6 levels built in detail to experience a pleasant and fun journey. Conquer 6 worlds and crown yourself the champion of the skies, show that you are the best by planning different obstacles. Grab your best elytra and venture into action!

Available for more than one player online, when you start the map it is in creative mode by default and you can play it that way or if you are an expert planning the skies you can change the game mode to adventure. The map has 8 levels, 6 of which are available, the rest will be added if you have enough downloads to keep updating it. The levels have different scenarios: castles, trees, ships, and monuments.

Download: Only Elytra Maps for Minecraft PE
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