Squid Game New Map

Squid Game New Map

Published on February 14, 2023
By admin
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Squid Game New Map Squid Game New Map Squid Game New Map Squid Game New Map Squid Game New Map


This is a map where you can play several of the games from the popular series "Squid Game".
This custom-made map is sure to provide hours of entertainment as you explore its many levels and puzzles. The map features an intricate layout filled with hidden secrets, traps and rewards that will keep your mind engaged throughout your journey. With plenty of unique mobs to battle along the way, this is one adventure that won't be forgotten anytime soon!
So what are you waiting for?
Get ready to dive into this amazing world today and create some unforgettable memories while playing through Squid Game's awesome minecraft maps! Play alone or with your friends and have fun .

This map includes 5 sets so far:
- Red light, green light
- Honeycomb
- Glass bridge
- Tug of war
- Marbles

Also this map features: music, effects, voices, models and animations for a better experience.

Other specifications:
- Self-repairing map
- You can choose the length of the game
- Voice language: Korean, English and Spanish.
- Spectator mode
- Instructions on how to play each game on the map.
Download: Squid Game New Map Maps for Minecraft PE
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