Time to Jump

Time to Jump

Published on January 4, 2023
By admin
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The best parkour map for these Christmas dates. Parkour is a map built on a flat world using tools like world edit to create huge mountains covered with snow and a beautiful landscape that trees make naturally and this is where the tour was made to enjoy this parkour with natural materials starting from the top from a mountain descending to the caverns of the never after a cold tour you will have to take the best jumps to avoid falling into the abyss. Be careful it's very cold!! jump so as not to freeze in the ice

TIME TO JUMP [PARKOUR relaxing] puts you to the test in a fun and entertaining way, with its simple and well-structured platforms, the environment created with enchanting details and natural world scenarios are part of this creation that you will have the great opportunity to play, 99% of the people who have played it are satisfied: join them and play now. Characteristics within the map:

1. Approximate game time: 15 min in general. Add your own shaders or textures to make the setting and experience much better.
2. You can play with friends without limits.
3. You can explore all the corners and structures found on each island.
4. Your goal will be to complete it your way.
5. On each island there will be spawn points that allow you to save your progress
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