UNO! (Color-blind Friendly)

UNO! (Color-blind Friendly)

Published on November 16, 2022
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UNO! (Color-blind Friendly) UNO! (Color-blind Friendly) UNO! (Color-blind Friendly) UNO! (Color-blind Friendly) UNO! (Color-blind Friendly)


It’s here! The game you all know and love, but probably didn’t expect, and yet this is a happy surprise! All within your favorite game! It’s a game within a game, and you’re playing it! Isn’t it fantastic!

Nah, it’s just a game of UNO. But it’s a good game of UNO! Authentic to the classic game, and easy to understand and play.

#### Maps

Within this game, you get two maps which are selected automatically based on player count. A small cozy cottage for up to 4 players and a nice little campsite area if there are over 4 players but limited to 10 players max! The game mechanics remain the same no matter what map you are playing.

#### Lobby

The lobby is easy to navigate and use and doesn’t come with a bunch of different settings you have to select, in fact, everything is ready to go - You just join the game with your friends, hit play and you’re off!

Additionally, you may use the Statistics item in your Hotbar to view your 'wins' 'games played' 'cards played' 'points' & 'time played'. You can right-click it multiple times to change view to 'simplified' 'detailed' & 'off'

Download: UNO! (Color-blind Friendly) Maps for Minecraft PE
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2 weeks ago

@HugoHankoo this is why your father less

4 months ago

no I think the mod is just broken

5 months ago

Waaaahhh!!! i can't press join to join the game lobby!! is this just me??