Published on March 7, 2023
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X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men X-Men


With this add-on you can become an X-Men character like Wolverire, Quicksilver, Beast, Deadpool and many more including their abilities, you can get them from your survival world and play with friends on servers

In your Minecraft world, a new mineral called "adamantium" will be generated in some beach areas, with this it will allow you to manufacture costumes or weapons of some X-Men characters, adamantium is also used to trade with Charles Xavier that will be generated by the world randomly.

All X-Men costumes will be crafted on the workbench, each costume will grant you position effects:

- Resistance: 4
- Jump: 4
- Haste: 10
- Regeneration: 4
- Speed: 3
- Strength: 4

Wolverine Claws:

With wolverine's claws, it will produce 24 damage, add a skill that will allow you to deal damage in an area and move faster, for this to work hold down the crouch button.

- Resistance: 3
- Jump: 2
- Haste: 2
- Regeneration: 1
- Speed: 2
- Strength: 2

Cyclops' glasses will be used in the main hand to use the laser ability that will produce area damage, to shoot use the interact button while you have the glasses in the main hand.


- Stamina: 3
- jump: 2
- haste: 2
- Feedback: 1
- speed: 2
- Strength: 2

To shoot with Deadpool's pistols use the interact button while you have them in your main hand and to reload the ammunition must run out, then place the ammunition in the second hand, hold down the crouch button, and press the interact button.

All skins will be obtained by exchanging adamantium ingots with Charles Xavier.

Apart from the skins, it will also grant you the abilities or weapons of the characters.

- Resistance: 2
- Jump: 2
- Haste: 4
- Regeneration: 2
- Speed: 2
- Strength: 3
- When you run, your speed increases.
Download: X-Men Maps for Minecraft PE
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