3D Squid Game V1

3D Squid Game V1

Published on November 16, 2022
By admin
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3D Squid Game V1 3D Squid Game V1 3D Squid Game V1 3D Squid Game V1 3D Squid Game V1


This is the first version of my 3D Squid Game Addon. In this addon you gonna see Uniforms exemples : Player Clothings, Manager Guard Uniform, Soldier Guard Uniform with or without the Body cam, Worker Uniform with the cooking apron or without. And I have add a GUI with all Squid Game soundboard that you can use for a map or a rp but for the moment the soundboard are in french ! I let you see that in your world and with the images below.I remind I am french so I apologize for the errors of grammar. I hope you gonna like my pack and if there are bugs or you want to change something or you have ideas do not hesitate to let me know !

You can see in the images below, a taste before you download the pack. You can see In Game screenshots of clothings ! We have the Worker, Manager, Soldier and Player. Will you be able to recognize places and references ?

- [Basic Worker :](mc://image/3d-squid-game-v1_2.jpeg)
- [Chef Worker :](mc://image/3d-squid-game-v1_3.jpeg)
- [Soldier with Body Cam :](mc://image/3d-squid-game-v1_4.jpeg)
- [Manager :](mc://image/3d-squid-game-v1_5.jpeg)
- [Player Number 000 :](mc://image/3d-squid-game-v1_6.jpeg)
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