FenceJumper mod

FenceJumper mod

Published on May 21, 2024
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FenceJumper is a handy Minecraft Bedrock add-on that allows players to leap over fences and walls, akin to its renowned Java counterpart. Compatible with Minecraft Bedrock version 1.20.80 and above, this mod removes a frustrating gameplay limitation, enhancing player mobility.

With FenceJumper installed, navigating fences becomes a breeze. This addon provides a slight jump height boost, enabling players to clear standard 1.5-block high fences effortlessly. No longer will fences hinder movement—simply hop over them with ease, traversing bases and generated structures much faster. The jump remains balanced, preserving gameplay integrity.

Another key feature of FenceJumper is its high compatibility. Unlike many mods, FenceJumper operates independently of the player.json file, ensuring seamless integration with almost any other installed plugin or addon. Inspired by its popular Java counterpart, FenceJumper brings the same functionality and convenience enjoyed by Java players to Bedrock Edition.

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my dad whips it out ti jenny mad