Gas Mask Mod

Gas Mask Mod

Published on May 18, 2024
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Gas Mask Mod Gas Mask Mod


The GasMask mod introduces an intriguing challenge and its solution to your Minecraft mining adventures. Venture deep underground and you'll encounter toxic gases that can poison and nauseate you, making survival difficult. To counter this hazard, you can craft a special gas mask. Below y-level 44, the air is filled with dangerous toxins that pose a significant threat to your health, causing severe debuffs like nausea and poisoning. Descending into these depths without proper protection can quickly become lethal.

The gas mask, crafted using a unique recipe provided by the mod, serves as a vital tool for deep cave exploration. It offers full protection from the toxic gases, enabling you to explore confidently without fearing the harmful effects. Equip yourself with the GasMask mod to make your mining experience more realistic and challenging, as you adapt and overcome the perils of the underground.
Download: Gas Mask Mod Mods for Minecraft PE
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4 weeks ago

I want it to work in Minecraft ed

4 weeks ago

I would of loved this mod if it worked in Minecraft edu