Glare Concept

Glare Concept

Published on February 18, 2023
By admin
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Glare Concept Glare Concept Glare Concept Glare Concept


Mojang announced on its youtube channel a very interesting new mob its name is: Glare you want to try it first hand? This addon is just a concept that represents what was presented in the original Mojang video, until the official announcement of the winner, all features remained the same.

This addon is a concept that I would really like to do, and I was looking forward to releasing it, I hope everyone likes it.

So let's talk about features?

[Glare] Behaviors

- Eat Glow Berries can spawn puppies.
- Can be tamed and keeps following you in a radius of 20 blocks.
- If you are 16 blocks near a monster starts to shake and make growls like a wolf.
- Afraid of any block that emits light.

- Can be found in which dark cave.
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