Hammer Time 2D Mod

Hammer Time 2D Mod

Published on June 30, 2024
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Hammer Time 2D Mod Hammer Time 2D Mod


Elevate your survival gameplay with the Hammer Time 2D mod! Inspired by the Java mod, this addon introduces powerful tools to streamline block-breaking and combat.


  1. Hammers: Break blocks in a 3x3 area for faster resource gathering and tunnel digging.
  2. Swords: Deal area damage, improving combat against multiple foes.
  3. Axes: Chop down entire trees with a single block break.
  4. Shovels: Dig 3x3 areas for quicker landscaping and excavation.
  5. Hoes: Quickly prepare large plots of land for farming.

Super Tools

Craft five new super tools from various materials, each affecting durability and speed:

  • Hammers: Clear large areas of stone and ores efficiently.
  • Giant Swords: Control groups of enemies with area damage.
  • Giant Axes: Simplify wood gathering.
  • Shovels: Speed up large-scale digging.
  • Hoes: Enhance large-scale farming.

Example Recipe: Craft an Amethyst Hammer using amethyst shards and sticks.

Upgrade your Minecraft experience with Hammer Time 2D for greater efficiency and power!

Download: Hammer Time 2D Mod Mods for Minecraft PE
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