More Simple Structures Mod

More Simple Structures Mod

Published on June 12, 2024
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More Simple Structures Mod More Simple Structures Mod More Simple Structures Mod More Simple Structures Mod


Introducing the More Simple Structures add-on—a comprehensive expansion that brings new and interesting structures to the Minecraft world, naturally generating across all biomes.

Key Structures:

  • Camping Site: A cozy spot with tents and a campfire, found in forests.
  • Abandoned Castle: Majestic structures on plains or in forests, reminiscent of ancient kingdoms.
  • Desert Sphinx: A mysterious monument in the desert, inspired by ancient Egyptian architecture.
  • Towers: Various types of towers in forests, hills, and plains, each holding its own secrets.
  • Endermite Nest: Hidden in the depths of the End or among dense forests, offering a unique challenge.
  • Oasis: A lush paradise in the desert, perfect for rest and building a base.
  • House Ruins: Remnants of past civilizations scattered across different biomes.

These structures add depth and intrigue to your survival experience, promising unique locations and valuable rewards. Explore new buildings and uncover their stories, making the Minecraft world even more diverse and exciting for adventures.

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