Triple Temple Archipelago Seed

Triple Temple Archipelago Seed

Published on July 5, 2024
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Triple Temple Archipelago Seed Triple Temple Archipelago Seed


Embark on an extraordinary survival adventure with this unique seed that spawns you in the middle of the ocean on a small desert island. Surrounding the main island are two smaller islands, each home to a desert temple!


  • Rare Starting Location: Begin your journey on a remote desert island surrounded by ocean, providing a unique and isolated starting point.
  • Desert Temples: Discover a desert temple on each of the nearby islands, offering valuable loot right from the start.
  • Valuable Loot: One of the chests contains three diamonds, while others offer horse armor, emeralds, and other precious items.
  • Sunken Ships: Explore nearby sunken ships for additional resources to boost your early game.

This rare and intriguing starting location offers players a chance to secure abundant loot from the very beginning and enjoy a well-protected and isolated base. Dive into this seed and make the most of your adventurous start!

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