Loona Skin Pack

Loona Skin Pack

Published on January 4, 2023
By admin
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Loona Skin Pack Loona Skin Pack


Loona Skin Pack is a minecraft skin pack where you can replace your default skins with Loona, the popular k-pop group. Simple install and easy to use, Loona Skin Pack will give you a new look on minecraft.

You're a huge fan of K-pop, but you've always wanted to be closer to your favorite idols. Now, there's no need to imagine. Let Loona Skin Pack turn you into a real Loona idol!

You've gotta Loona! Show your love for the popular k-pop girl group with this Minecraft skin pack of their members. Loona is known for their sweet and pure image, so we made sure to include only the most adorable and innocent skins.

Download the beta pack of skins of the popular k-pop group Loona, it contains skins of each member, Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, Vivi, Kim lip, Jinsoul, Cherry, Yves, Chuu, Gowon and Olivia Hye. It is in progress, there is a lot of work to be done.

Download: Loona Skin Pack Skins for Minecraft PE
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