Fortnite Addon V9 1.12+

Fortnite Addon V9 1.12+

Published on September 16, 2023
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Credits: Cleverlike, ATK by TeamBOB123 

There are plenty weapons to choose from, and you can even ride the Battle Bus or a Shopping Cart. While it’s still very much Minecraft, a lot of things have been completed transformed to look more like Fortnite. So if you’re an avid fan of Minecraft and Fortnite, then this add-on is great for you!

You can now find Default Skin Players that will spawn will random guns. There is also now a Loot Chest and Ammo Box that will drop random guns and items when opened. 

  • Added Default Skin Player (Replaces Skeleton) 
  • Bouncer, Trap, and Launch Pad (Not Functional Yet) 
  • Semi Auto Sniper (Replaces Fishing Rod) 
  • Music (Replaces Cat, Blocks, and Chirp Discs) 
  • Loot Chest (Replaces Rabbit) 
  • Ammo Box (Replaces Witch) 
  • Supply Drop (Replaces Husk)

Download: Fortnite Addon V9 1.12+ Maps for Minecraft PE
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3 weeks ago

i haven't download it yet but i think it works mostly in minecraft education

1 month ago

It worked for me, how come it didn’t work for you too

1 month ago


6 months ago

this did not work for me why?