Artifacts Plus+ Update 1.0.1

Artifacts Plus+ Update 1.0.1

Published on November 16, 2022
By admin
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Artifacts Plus+ Update 1.0.1 Artifacts Plus+ Update 1.0.1


Artifacts Plus, add special and magical powers to your Minecraft world. Give more variety to your world with magical artifacts, get them in the dungeons and villages, and become the king of the village with the artifacts that give you powers!

The artifacts at the moment are 4, the "Night Vision Goggles", the "Snorkel" the "High Jump Boots" and the "Speed โ€‹โ€‹Boots"...

But don't worry, more will be added little by little! Bringing spectacular artifacts with powers and effects for you and your friends will surely give your Minecraft world or server a new life!

Keep in mind that the artifacts, being very valuable, cannot be crafted, at least the ones that are now added. Maybe in the future, I will add artifacts that are not very powerful and therefore could be craftable!

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