Fireflies! mod

Fireflies! mod

Published on May 19, 2024
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Fireflies! mod Fireflies! mod Fireflies! mod


The Fireflies! mod brings back the enchanting firefly mob that was removed from Minecraft, reintroducing these luminous insects to your game. Faithfully recreated to match their appearance from Minecraft Live, fireflies add a delightful touch of natural beauty and ambience to your Minecraft world.


Firefly Spawning:

  • Fireflies naturally spawn in most warm biomes.
  • They are more frequently found in swamp, plains, and mangrove swamp biomes.
  • Fireflies can appear in varying group sizes, from small clusters to large swarms.

Firefly Interactions:

  • Craftable glass jars can be used to catch fireflies.
  • Equip a glass jar in your main hand and interact with a firefly to capture it.
  • Once captured, you'll receive a Firefly Jar that can be placed as a charming light source.\
  • Release fireflies to roam free and enhance the natural beauty and atmosphere of your surroundings.
  • Frogs can eat fireflies without any harm, providing a natural and safe food source for your amphibian friends.

With the Fireflies! mod, you can enjoy the gentle glow of these tiny creatures as they flutter about, bring life to your biomes, and create a serene environment. Whether you’re lighting up your path with a jar of fireflies or simply enjoying their tranquil presence, this mod adds a touch of magic to your Minecraft adventures.

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5 days ago

I can’t find this jars

2 weeks ago

How do you make the jars?