Granny and Spending

Granny and Spending

Published on February 21, 2023
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Granny and Spending Granny and Spending Granny and Spending


Are you looking for a way to add some spooky vibes to your Minecraft world? If so, then this addon is just the thing for you! The Granny and Spending Addon adds three new mobs into your game - Granny, Slenderman, and Spider Mom. These scary characters will make any adventure more thrilling as they lurk in the shadows of your world.

Granny is an old woman with a cane who can be found roaming around dark places like caves or abandoned buildings. She has the ability to teleport around her environment and loves nothing more than chasing after unsuspecting players with her walking stick. Be careful if you come across her โ€“ sheโ€™s not someone that should be taken lightly!

Slenderman is another creepy addition who appears as a tall figure wearing all black clothes and no facial features except two white eyes that glow in darkness. He moves quickly through his environment but wonโ€™t attack unless provoked by players; however he still makes an intimidating presence when encountered on one's travels through their world . Lastly we have Spider Mom which looks like what it sounds - it's basically an oversized spider with multiple legs that crawls along walls while shooting webs at its victims from afar . It's definitely not something most would want coming across them during their adventures !

If these terrifying creatures sound interesting then give this addon a try today โ€“ I guarantee you won't regret it !

- Health:900
- Attack Damage:1200
- Speed:0.25 (normal speed)

- Health:900
- Attack Damage:1200
- Effect: Weakness,blindness
- Speed:0.25
slendrina is also slow, you can outrun slendrina

[Spider Mom]
- Health:100
- Speed:0.25
- Attack Damage:13
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