Iron Chests Mod

Iron Chests Mod

Published on June 2, 2024
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Iron Chests Mod Iron Chests Mod Iron Chests Mod Iron Chests Mod


The Iron Chests mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, a port of the original mod for Minecraft Java Edition, introduces an array of new chest types that offer expanded storage capacity and unique features. These chests are designed to enhance the player's ability to organize and protect their items efficiently, each providing different levels of durability, capacity, and special properties. The mod blends seamlessly with the game's aesthetic, making it a popular choice among players looking to optimize their resource management and safeguard valuable possessions.

  •  Iron Chest: 54 slots, more durable than wooden chests.
  • Gold Chest: 81 slots, greater storage capacity than iron chests.
  • Diamond Chest: 108 slots, one of the largest storage options.
  • Copper Chest: 45 slots, more capacity than wooden chests, less than iron.
  • Silver Chest: 72 slots, intermediate storage between iron and gold.
  • Crystal Chest: 108 slots, transparent to see contents without opening.
  • Obsidian Chest: 108 slots, highly explosion-resistant.
  • Dirt Chest: 1 slot, mainly for humorous purposes.

These chests offer various storage solutions, enhancing inventory management and protecting valuable items, while maintaining a style close to the original game.

Download: Iron Chests Mod Mods for Minecraft PE
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