Thunder Weapons

Thunder Weapons

Published on November 21, 2022
By admin
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Thunder Weapons Thunder Weapons Thunder Weapons Thunder Weapons Thunder Weapons Thunder Weapons


All thunder weapons I made are now combined in one pack! Experience a lot more fierce and cracking power with these new weapons! This lightning weapons can become very handy!

- Dmg - 15
- Cooldown - 0.1 seconds
- Skill - Summons lightning upon the impact of the projectile
- Effect - Fire Resistance 2 seconds on impact of the projectile
- Has infinite bullets

- Dmg - 12
- Skill - Summons lightning on impact
- Effect - Fire Resistance 2 seconds on impact
- This just replaces the normal trident, making it more powerful and having the ability to strike lightning without any requirements
- Drowneds also throws this type of trident though so be careful
- Also made it craftable

#### The most powerful of them all

- Dmg - 14
- Skill - Strikes lightning upon entities within 10 block radius and explodes with end crystals
- Effect - Speed is multiplied by 1.2 when on hand and grants a few seconds of Resistance when skill is used
- Enchantable - Yes
- Durability - 4000
- Repair Items - Beacon(4000)

You have to be careful when using this because it can be very destructive, you can turn off mob griefing though. On survival you also have to be careful because when there might be too many entities around you, it might blast you way too high, and you'll be dropping longer than the time of the Resistance effect, and that's not good.
Download: Thunder Weapons Mods for Minecraft PE
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i am downloading it but what minecraft do you guys have

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didn't work

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it didnt work