Torch OffHand Mod

Torch OffHand Mod

Published on June 15, 2024
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Torch OffHand Mod Torch OffHand Mod


Illuminate your adventures like never before with the Torch OffHand mod! This essential addition to your Minecraft toolkit ensures you never waste torches and always have light exactly when and where you need it.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Lighting: Hold a torch in your hand and enjoy automatic lighting of your surroundings, eliminating the need to place torches manually.
  • Enhanced Brightness: Craft a special torch for your off-hand slot, allowing you to wield torches in both hands and light your path more effectively.

With the Torch OffHand mod, you'll conquer the darkness and explore even the deepest caves with ease. Just place the special torch in your off-hand and experience increased illumination as you explore. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark and hello to brilliantly lit adventures!

Download: Torch OffHand Mod Mods for Minecraft PE
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