True Tools Mod

True Tools Mod

Published on March 30, 2024
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True Tools Mod True Tools Mod True Tools Mod


True Tools is an amazing addition to your gaming experience, providing new tools designed to enhance your mining, lumbering, and farming endeavors. Here are some key tools from this mod:

  1. Sledjehummer: A massive hammer that aids you in mining blocks just like a pickaxe but with the ability to mine blocks in a 3x3 formation.
  2. Lumberjacks's axe: A powerful axe that helps you quickly fell trees thanks to the "TREE CAPITATOR" function. Now no trees can withstand your axe!
  3. Snow Showel: A large snow-clearing shovel that digs blocks in a 3x3 formation. Rid yourself of all the annoying dirt or snow to level large plots of land.
  4. Pitchfork The farmer's tool! Increase your crop yield with this area-of-effect tool, creating 3x3 planting areas!

True Tools adds new capabilities to Minecraft for improved block handling, allowing you to efficiently and creatively realize your building and farming ideas. Install this mod and dive into a new level of gameplay with enhanced tools!

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