Snowy Mansion with a Village

Snowy Mansion with a Village

Published on May 26, 2024
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Snowy Mansion with a Village


If starting your adventure in a snowy biome excites you, this seed is perfect for you. Right at the spawn point, you'll encounter a mansion, a village, and several other rare structures that are rarely found at the beginning of the game.

The spawn point is on the shore of a large frozen lake in a snowy plains biome. On the lake, there's a massive mansion, and nearby is a village, partially built into the mansion. Close by, there's a pillager outpost where the pillagers immediately attack villagers and golems. At coordinates 90 ~ 250, you'll find a submerged igloo.

Additional interesting points nearby:

-260 ~ -450: another village

-390 ~ -200 and 150 ~ -210: igloos with basements

This snowy biome is quite extensive, featuring numerous villages, portals, and igloos, providing you with plenty of loot and an exciting start.

Seed: 2174445617167130839